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We Take Care of our Families, Pets, and Communities Why Not Our Corporations / Employees Equally?

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Lets put our family, social responsibility, and community goals to work together for the good of all concerned. Equal pay for equal work,fairness in all evaluations in any job whether it is technical or not, use equality, not gender inequality.

911 Information Corporation began in 2009. Office is located in Crofton, Maryland. Major project is http://www.911info.net, online since 2002.


To effect equality in the workplace and provide technical editing /copywriting, content writing,web design, photography and media services to include writing documentary films. Learn how to better use your business integrity. Provide services to business research to uncover habits of companies officers as to who or what practices are most effective for your company from an integrity standpoint.


Diane Knaus- Media professional for over twenty years. Published credits include national and international publications for copywriting, photography and investigative articles.

Diane Knaus CEO 911informationcorporation

This site isn't about me, rather how I can help you go further, faster in an honest manner with integrity! I write sales letters, advertising copy, articles, and copywriting marketing materials clients need to sell their products and or services to businesses. I also consult with clients on marketing strategy. mail order, and lead generation.

My background includes over 20 years of freelance copywriting, content for newspapers, photography for all publications, magazines to include feature articles, hard news, profiles on busines leaders, womens issues, international border news US and Canada, as well as graphic design for book authors and websites.

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Send an email with your questions or set an appointment. Free first 1/2 hour consultation with a prepaid 1st order session. Send your email to dk@911informationcorporation.org ,t 443-942-0096