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Copywriting,technical editing and content writing, photography, web design, customer service issues, employee, management, attitude surveys are some of our services. We provide "advocacy, coalition building and communications to remove roadblocks and accelerate adoption of transformational policies with integrity. Diane has over eighteen years management experience in hardcopy publishing, freelance writing and photography for companies, magazines, local and Canadian newspapers.

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You know that company down the street that doesn't treat their employees very good? You know the one, they have so many turnovers it's hard to tell if they are still in business or not because you never see the same person twice on the sales floor. The ones who pay their managers to watch and see if their employees make any mistakes, or heaven forbid not greet a client each time they step a foot into the store.

If you check the figures on how much these big box corporations made last year, they are anything but desperate making almost 1/3 more what they did last year in 2015.

Sure the big boys on the board will boast about how much money they are saving by not providing benefits. However, if they did provide benefits their people might stay longer and not have to be on food stamps. Of course they would also have to give up their fear and intimidation tactics as well. By the way, you also pay for them. Let's make these companies pay the right wages in the first place. The big boys can take a pay cut for once.

Is that the kind of business you really want your company to project to the public?

If Not We Will Help You Provide Better Customer Service

If employees working together is your goal, it takes more than just empty words. That takes commitment, from managers as well as top leadership changing of attitudes, possibly more time and equipment to get it right. Are you ready? You know what the past has been like! Let's work toward the future. It can even be fun. We will check your companies integrity, from your mission statement to the manner your board members and store managers treat your employees. Then again how board members treat your management employees. From top to bottom we will do a reality and integrity check for your company, because it does not have to have a big box retail operation feel. Good companies always treat their employees fairly, with dignity and respect. Their payoff is better employees who want to come to work everyday and show that to your customers because they are being treated fairly. Those companies get good grades for the way they treat their employees and customers. Plus they always have a higher rate of employee retainment. That of cousrse saves you money in not having to train more people over and over again.

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A. "Private Consultation" To make a change in the direction of your company for the better, shake things up for a better future for all.

B. "Public consultation" which would be rated on our web site for the public to see.

American companies need to provide more transparency so we can have more people who are "Proud to be an American Company and Worker" in our clients. You too can fly an American Flag and put on your signage, Proud to be an American Company When you sign up with us for an Integrity Check Up. Certification Fees Apply depends on the size of your company and number of employees and time involved in determination!

Improve your business perception, get our certification for your business improvement, fees involved.

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